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Gentlent exposes different sets of APIs for authenticated or public use. We ask you to not abuse these, as we would have to throttle them in response.

All of our APIs are subject to our terms of use and might change at any time. Therefore it is recommended to have an account with us, so that we can notify you of any major changes beforehand.


  • Tools API has a set of useful APIs for public, currently unauthenticated use.

Some APIs might not be documented here and/or are only available for certain users. To access those, feel free to shoot us a message and we might send you instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you introduce breaking changes often?

We generally try to minimize any breaking changes to only critical fixes. If you need any guarantees or are using our APIs in a production system, feel free to let us know though.

Can I use your APIs on my website?

Yes, you can! Make sure to keep your authentication credentials private though and let us know of any major traffic expectations, so that we can tweak our rate limiting for you.

Do I need to attribute you?

Usually, we do not require this. You can use most of our APIs without attributing or linking to our website. We'd love if you do though!