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The Barcodes API can be used to generate QR, aztec, and data matrix codes. It is recommended to download and/or cache codes that are used often.


Please refer to the overview page for basic information, authentication, or formatting of parameters of this endpoint.


Get Barcodes

Endpoint URL
GET /barcodes

Query Parameters

  • Required Parameters
    • type - Type of code that should be generated. Must be one of:
      • qr_code
      • aztec_code
      • data_matrix
    • data - Any string between 4 and 1663 characters that should be encoded in the barcode. Could be:
      • URL
      • Coordinates
      • Phone Number
      • Text
      • ...
  • Optional Parameters
    • scale - Defines how large the resulting image should be. Must be:
      • Integer between 1 and 10 (default is 2)


curl ""